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Oberbolheim and the "Heuserhof"

In the course of the years, Oberbolheim came directly under the approach flight path of planes landing in the nearby military airport. As a result, and because of the noise pollution caused by the jets on take-off and landing, a new Oberbolheim was built by the German Defence Ministry on the eastern border of Noervenich in the years between 1968-1970. In the years that followed the old houses were demolished.

The Heuserhof in old Oberbolheim was also demolished in 1972. All that remained was a crucifixion group at the entrance to the farm, and this was taken to the site of the new farm.

The Antoniterhof, which belonged to the Lords of Gymnich, stood next to the Heuserhof. The Lords of Gymnich also owned the Noervenich castle, where Peter Joseph Peters was manager. Peter Joseph Peters had married Sibilla Kentenich, the eldest sister of Katharina Kentenich (cf. Family Tree). It is probable that Peters was told that the Heuserhof was looking for a domestic, and got the job for his sister-in-law, Katharina.

Only the Antonius Chapel remains of old Oberbolheim. It is dedicated to Anthony the Hermit. It dates from the 16th century, and still has Roman building materials in its tower and nave, indicating that it was built on a more ancient site. Originally the chapel was part of the parish of Ollesheim, which was incorporated into the Cologne parish. Since 1808 it has been a branch of the parish church at Noervenich.

Site plans of the old Heuserhof and Antoniterhof still exist. - The Website about Pater Joseph Kentenich, Foundator of the International Schoenstatt Movement.